Admission — КГАВМ Admission - Казанская государственная академия ветеринарной медицины имени Н.Э. Баумана


Description of the admission procedures for standard students:

  • selection criteria

Applicants having education of appropriate level (Certificate of Secondary Education, Certificate of Secondary Professional Education or Certificate of Higher Education) are allowed to master educational programs of the Academy.

Applicants are enrolled within the frame of controlled figures set by the Federal budget (standard students) and full fee students studying on the base of commercial contract between the Academy and the entrant.

The applicant provides application with attached demanded documents to the Selection Committee.

The Academy conducts its own entering exams on Mathematics, Russian language and Biology in the form of test. The results are evaluating in accordance with Integrated State Exam score-rating system on 100-points scale or the applicant can supply the Results of Integrated State Exam got at school and this document is also competitive. The admission grade is fixed annually. For 2017 it was 250 points for the FVM.

  • policy for disable and ill students

The state allocates 10 percent of the budgetary places for disable and ill students. They have to submit the certificate confirming the disability. Applications are managed following the same criteria as for the rest of students. They study in accordance with general curriculum or an individual curriculum is managed if there is a demand. Their training is carried out by the same criteria, as for other students. The integration into the educational and social process is under careful control of the dean’s office.

  • appeal process

Unsuccessful applicants and those who disagree with their grade can lodge their appeal to the Selection Committee. The appeal should be lodged the day when the grade is announced or the next day after the exam.

The appeal is considered not late than next working day after appealing.

  • the exclusion and appeal procedures;

Students are allowed to take an exam if they do not have academic debts on lectures and practicals.

Inadequate results of Midterm Validation on one or several subjects are considered as academic debt.  Students, who have academic debts, are given the opportunity to repass the Midterm Validation for the second time (First trial Validation). If a student has not got adequate results, he is suggested to pass the Validation one more time (Second trial Validation). Those, who fail for the third time, are sent down from the Academy with Rector’s Order.