Faculty of Veterinary Medicine — КГАВМ Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Казанская государственная академия ветеринарной медицины имени Н.Э. Баумана

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Dean of the Faculty – Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor Albert K. Galiullin

Deputy Dean – Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Farit F. Zinnatov

Deputy Dean — – Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate ProfessorIlnur N. Kamaldinov

Deputy Dean – Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Guzel G. Shalamova

Secretary of the Faculty – Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Elvira A. Magdeeva

Methodist – Luiza R. Reshchikova


There are 2 specialties at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

— 36.05.01 «Veterinary Medicine»;

— 36.03.01 «Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise».

For senior students of the specialty «Veterinary Medicine» a free choice of one of the specializationsare offered:

  • diseases of birds, fish, bees;
  • quality and safety of food raw materials and food products;
  • pathology of small domestic and exotic animals;
  • biology of the dog and the foundations of cynology;
  • diseases of young animals of farm animals;
  • technology of herd reproduction; laboratory diagnostics;
  • veterinary pharmacy.

For «Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise» specialization: standardization, certification, quality management of animal origin or medical business.

The teaching process is conducted by 11 departments with well-equipped laboratories where future veterinarians study in depth fundamental, general educational and clinical disciplines under the guidance of a highly qualified faculty -training staff. There are 75 teachers at the departments of the faculty, 62 of them or 82.7% have a scientific degree and a rank, among them 19 Doctors of Sciences.



Sibirskiy tract st. 35


Phone:(843) 273-97-34

e-mail: kgavm@inbox.ru