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Student Irina Ovchinnikova passed clinical practice in Germany

23 января 2020

From November 8 to January 10, Irina Ovchinnikova, a student of our Academy (FVM, group 502) took  medical and clinical practice in the Veterinary Clinic for Horses at the Scientific Research Center for Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology in Bad Langensalza, Germany.

Irina told how her practice went.

Ovchinnikova Irina:

“At the veterinary clinic a friendly team consisting of qualified specialists who know their job very well, met me. The head of practice, Dirk Barnevitz, helped me to acquire practical skills and carried out scientific and educational work with me on the principlesof horse diseases diagnosis, making the correct diagnosis, prescribing complex treatment and preventing animal diseases.

During practice I learnt new techniques of animal surgery, took an active part in the work of surgeon, therapist and assistant surgeon. Together with the veterinary doctor we went to private farms for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of animal diseases.

Working in the laboratory, I mastered the methods of blood, feces, milk research and carried out veterinary and sanitary examination of food products. I had an opportunity actively used the equipment of the clinic in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various animal conditions.

I would also like to note the good equipping of the clinic with medical equipment, medicines, reagents, laboratory devices, surgical instruments, etc. As a result, I have only positive impressions of this practice!

In the conclusion I would like to express special gratitude and appreciation to Fayziyeva Gyulchekhra Ilyasovna, Mantseva Tatyana Vladimirovna and Bektemirova Margarita Ravkhatovna in granting me an opportunity to do practical training in the conditions of private veterinary clinic for horses at «Research center of veterinary medicine and biotechnology» in Bud Langensalza, Germany «.

The staff of the Department of International Relations congratulates Irina on successful practice and gaining significant practical experience and theoretical knowledge in working with animals according to European standards. We wish her further success in professional activities and personal development.

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23 января 2020