Academic notes — КГАВМ Academic notes - Казанская государственная академия ветеринарной медицины имени Н.Э. Баумана

Academic notes



Dear readers, doctoral students and postgraduates!

You may subscribe to the journal “Academic notes of Kazan state academy of veterinary medicine named after N. Bauman” involved into the List of the leading reviewed scientific publications (State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Russian Federation) for publishing main results of thesis researches for the degree of Candidate and Doctor of Science.


Subscription index in RF “Combined catalogue. Media of Russia.

Newspapers and journals” – 35487


Adress: 420029, Kazan, Sibirskiy trakt 35, FSBEI HE KSAVM, 330 office,



Requirements to the articles published in journal:


  1. For publications of the articles the following documentation package should be provided:

— text of the article in electronic form (in any media or by e-mail);

— printed paper copy signed by authors;

— accompanying letter from organization;

— reviews (both external and internal);

— information about author on a separate page (full name, academic degree, post, place of work, phone number, e-mail);

  1. Scientific articles are presented according to the following scheme: universal decimal code, title of the article, authors, including their academic degree, post and workplace, Keywords (5-7 words), short presentation of a problem, materials and methods, research results, discussion of results, conclusion, references (minimum 5 ones), abstract in Russian and English, the content of research should include at least 200-250 words (according to the State Standards 7.9-95-850 symbols of at least 8 lines).
  2. The size of the article is at least 5 pages including tables, schemes, illustrations and references, Times New Roman 14-point, single-spaced, 20 mm margins on all sides.
  3. The title should be informative and involve only abbreviations in common use.
  4. The tables should contain just required data and represent constitute generalized and statistically processed materials. The number of graphics should be minimal (at least 3 illustrations).
  5. The references are established in a separate page in alphabetical order: first, reports established in Russian, then, of foreign languages, and are composed in accordance with the State Standards 7.0.100-2018.
  6. Editorial board preserves the right to reduce and edit the texts of the articles. The articles composed improperly are not considered. The postgraduate students are not required to pay.
  7. All articles are checked in the system

The printed materials should be sending to the address: 420029, the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Sibirskiy trakt 35, FSBEI HE KSAVM, 330 office, or by e-mail,             Phone: +79274112259

The cost of publication is 300 rubles per page.

All publications are reviewed. Access to the magazine is free.

The journal is presented in the Scientific Electronic Library (NEB), the lead executor of the project to create the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

The journal is registered with ISSN International Center — 2413-4201

Founder and editor:

FSBEI HE «Kazan Bauman State Academy of Veterinary Medicine» (FSBEI HE KSAVM)

List of specialties as amended by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia dated February 12, 2018 No. 99 (registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia on March 15, 2018, registration No. 50368)

Scientific specialties — Branches of science in which academic degrees are awarded *

1.5.5. Human and Animal Physiology — Biological Sciences

1.5.17. Parasitology — Biological Sciences

4.2.1. Animal pathology, morphology, physiology, pharmacology with toxicology (veterinary, biological) — Agricultural sciences

4.2.2. Sanitation, hygiene, ecology, veterinary and sanitary examination and biosafety (veterinary, biological) — Agricultural sciences

4.2.3 Infectious diseases and animal immunology (veterinary, biological) — Agricultural sciences

4.2.4. Private Animal Science, Feeding, Feed Preparation and Livestock Production Technologies — Agricultural Sciences

4.2.5 Breeding, breeding, genetics and biotechnology of animals (agricultural, biological) — Agricultural sciences

Published by the decision of the editorial board of the Kazan Bauman State Academy of Veterinary Medcine
Editorial board:
Editor in Chief R. Kh. Ravilov – Prof., Kazan SAVM
Deputy chief ed. A. Kh. Volkov- Prof., Kazan SAVM
F.I. Vasilevich – Prof., Moscow SAVMB, Academician of the RAS
A.A. Stekolnikov – Prof., St. Petersburg GUVM, Academician of the RAS
A.A. Ryadnov – Prof., Volgograd SAU
N.A.Balakirev – Prof., Moscow SAVM, Academician of the RAS
V.G. Semenov – Prof., Chuvash GSHA
A.G. Koschayev – Prof., Kuban SAU, Academician of the RAS
N.M. Vasilevsky – Prof., FCTRB-VNIVI
I.G. Mustafin – Prof., Kazan MGU
L.V. Medvedeva – Docent, Altai GAU


Editorial expert board:

A.M. Ezhkova – Prof., Kazan SAVM
T.M. Akhmetov – Prof., Kazan SAVM
A.M. Alimov – Prof., Kazan SAVM
R.A. Asrutdinova – Prof., Kazan SAVM
F.K. Akhmetzyanovа – Docent, Kazan SAVM
A.KH. Volkov – Prof., Kazan SAVM
A.K. Galiullin – Prof., Kazan SAVM
M.A. Efimova – Prof., Kazan SAVM
M.G. Zukhrabov – Prof., Kazan SAVM
M.Kh. Lutfullin – Prof., Kazan SAVM
F.A. Medethanov – Docent, Kazan SAVM
O.T. Mullakayev, Prof., Kazan SAVM
I.N. Nikitin – Prof., Kazan SAVM
D.N. Mingaleev – Docent, Kazan SAVM
V.G. Sofronov – Prof., Kazan SAVM
R.N. Fayzrakhmanov – Docent, Kazan SAVM
R.A. Haertdinov – Prof., Kazan SAVM
F.V. Shakirova – Prof., Kazan SAVM
G.R. Yusupova — Prof., Kazan SAVM
O.A. Yakimov – Prof., Kazan SAVM
I.H. Vakhitov Prof., Kazan SAVM
Academic degree, academic title, main place of work and position — members of the editorial board and expert council (File 1).

Journal editor – Docent, L.A. Rakhmatov

Editorial office and founder’s address: 420029, Kazan, Sibirsky Tract, 35, Tel: (843) 273-97-65,